About APSSRA 2024
About APSSRA 2024
Welcome Message - KIBSE President
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  • Welcome Message - APSSRA 2024 Chair
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Welcome Message
Dear Participants,  

As the president of the Korea Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineering (KIBSE), I am honored to jointly host the 8th Asia-Pacific Symposium on Structural Reliability and its Applications (APSSRA) in 2024.

With the increasing frequency of natural disasters such as floods, droughts, wildfires, and heatwaves, the urgency and severity of climate change have become a global reality. Structural engineers are at the forefront, tasked with understanding these crisis situations, and directing multifaceted efforts towards addressing climate change. This includes leading environmentally friendly and sustainable design and construction practices, devising systems to prepare for and mitigate disasters caused by climate change, and developing and advancing a reliability-based framework that integrates convergent technologies, including AI.

During APSSRA 2024, in-depth discussions are anticipated on various approaches for effectively addressing these challenges, and it is hoped that this symposium will serve as an important momentum towards the next stage. As the beautiful autumn weather in Korea accompanies your research passion, on behalf of KIBSE, I sincerely welcome your visit once again.

    Dongho Yoo
    President of the Korean Institute of Bridge and Structural Engineers (KIBSE)